Move Management

Is your company moving or doing an internal shuffle?

Try our Return On Invest Calculator at the bottom of this page and get an indication of the Return On Invest you will have if you hire RELOC to manage your move(s).

The primary benefits when RELOC coordinates your move:

  • A lean process that minimizes costs and limits consequential loss
  • Employees are free to continue their daily business, generating growth for the company
  • External stakeholders will not be affected by your move or internal shuffle.

To give you an overview of our move management service, please see the model below.

Normally, a Move Management process requires just above 700 different steps, while more complex move management processes require above 1000 different actions that need to be carefully planned and executed. When a move is internally coordinated there are often steps that are forgotten or done inexpedient. Our Project Managers work with various types of move processes every day, and by teaming up with them, your employees can spend no time dealing with your move. 

If you would like to know more, please contact Brian Maintz Andersen on +45 2321 5268 or

As mentioned, try the calculator now, and get an estimate of how your return on investment will be if you choose RELOC as your Move Management partner.