Activity Analysis

  • Do you know the utilization rate of your office space and facilities?
  • Now that more employees are working from home, do you need less square footage?
  • Have you considered flexible seating, activity-based workplaces or other hybrid forms of work?


With RELOC's Activity Analysis (workplace occupation tracking) we can help your Company in answering these questions. 

A Company never stand still, it is constantly changing and developing. The same goes for the working environment and the culture in the office. The hybrid working model is now more than ever relevant and is being implemented to a great extend in the Danish workplaces. This creates new demands for facilities, management, and employees.

If you are contemplating on implementing a more hybrid workplace structure, you will need to have a deep understanding of the working culture and utilization of your facilities today.

RELOC are experts in counseling our clients on what management needs to take into consideration and how changes should be implemented. Through our activity analysis, we provide data on current usage, occupancy and utilization of your workplace and facilities.

The analysis consists of two parts: a thorough capacity measurement of the workplace’s facilities such as desks, meeting rooms, flex rooms etc. presented through customized graphs, statistics and heatmaps. We combine this with in-depth interviews or questionaries with the employees to get an understanding of their everyday and challenges. From this we compose a customized report, providing data on your current degree of occupancy and utilization of the workplace, as-well as giving suggestions for development both in terms of interior design, facilities, working models and working culture.

If you would like to know more, please contact Brian Maintz Andersen on +45 2321 5268 or