Organisation and History

RELOC A/S is part of Bach Salicath Denmark A/S.

In 2003 it was decided to establish a new subsidiary to meet the growing market demands for better management and logistical planning when moving.

Our Move Management services were developed, and as it was assumed, there was a growing need for a full Move Management service that ensured limited consequential loss.

During the past years our skills have developed and we hired new employees with competencies to analyze and consult companies/organizations on use of space and facilities. Again, to save organizations unnecessary costs.

Today, we know that our efforts were worthwhile, as we have helped several organizations with Move Management and Space Optimization. Adding to this, we have developed a program, RETRACE. We are proud to say, that the system has helped companies and organizations downsize their in-stock-inventory insurance premium.

With trust, time and quality at the essence of everything we do, we are ready to help organizations.

RELOC is growing, and our goal is to continue our growth. Please check out our job openings for career opportunities under CAREER.


We are the trusted Move Manage-ment, Space Optimization and Inven-tory Registration partner. We want to meet the growing need to keep productivity high and cut unneces-sary costs.

As we fulfill these needs every day, we earn our place as a leading partner.


Our mission is to ensure that our clients, customers, and partners can trust us to deliver quality in a timely fashion. We believe we are able to do this through our core business:

  • Move Management
  • Inventory Registration
  • Space Optimization



Solution oriented
We always seek to find the best solutions for our costumers. 

Our work brings us closer to cus-tomers, and we always seek to be as cooperative as possible.

Guides our actions.

We are often in contact with data and inventory of great value, which we handle carefully and responsibly.